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Roster announcement: welcome FAIM!

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Super happy to welcome FAIM to the Roster!

Ever since I saw FAIM live at FLUFF FEST in 2019, it was love at first riff! It is a great honour to have them on board!!

“The soundtrack to jumping your local nazi. FAIM is a political hardcore / punk band from Denver, Colorado.

For Denver’s FAIM, hardcore is the spark that lights the way to bigger things in this life - personal catharsis, critique and political engagement.

To that end, FAIM seeks to bring those ideas to the forefront of their music with lyrical content focusing on political apathy, abusers with the hardcore scene, class anxiety, and the ever-present daily injustice.

Their brand of fast, aggressive hardcore is a vessel for hope and change set against the background of youthful angst. Since starting in late 2016, FAIM has worked tirelessly to dig itself into the Denver hardcore scene and beyond - touring the west coast twice, the east coast, the midwest, Canada, and Europe.

FAIM has shared the stage with bands such as Have Heart, Ceremony, Judge, Modern Life is War, Defeater, and Sick of it All.”

FAIM will be releasing a new full length on Safe Inside Records in the coming months and will be touring Europe sometime next year for the release of this new album. Stay tuned!

If you want them to play in your town, you know what to do!

Photo: Dan Gonyea


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